September is KZ88.1 pledge month.

What this means is that we need money to stay on the air. If you love this radio station,or just a particular show now is the time to financially support KZ88.1. Volunteers and you,our loyal listeners have done everything to keep us going,and you have indeed kept us going. We are sadly at the point that we will not be able to broadcast any longer without money. Simple as that. KZ88 is a nonprofit,community,no big company owned local independent radio station with local and worldwide news and entertainment.

You can donate by check,money order,or credit card. Sign up for the monthly sustainable amount of $25.00 and be a part of this radio station. 199 people are needed to help KZGM by donating $25.00 a month. At this time we have 9 listeners signed up,only 190 more and we do not have to worry about if this radio station can make it another month.  $25.00 could buy a movie night with a date,a low budget dinner out,4 wash and dry cycles at the laundromat,a car ride to Springfield, Or,$25.00 could buy a month of radio where you can express opinions,make requests,volunteer with others,and be informed and entertained.    

Check out the donate page to find out how to help. There is also a page of goodies to sell,,including anything that is not tied down at the station. To keep up to date on events,we will post them here and on our facebook page. If you would like to also receive a monthly newsletter,send us your information with your donation.

KZGM offers day sponsor slots for birthdays,remembrances,good luck messages,or to get you out of hot water. Any businesses,or organizations are invited to take part in our underwriting. This is a $100 spot that gets you mentioned on air,,a place on our website,and a place in our newsletters for an entire month. All events that KZ88 attends are also a place to sponsor. The Cabool sports teams are at this time working with us to bring you coverage and we do that with

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