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Hi Everyone. Here's an update on the air conditioner replacement to get us back on the air. We have reached our goal!!! Thanks to those who donated. You made a difference. If you didn't then please donate now so we don't have to go through this again. We need to maintain our equipment and that takes money. We still have regular operating expenses too. Chip in what you can to KZ88, 1211 Ozark Street, Cabool, MO 65689.


If you're short on money then donate some time to helping out the station. Right now some help with the installation of the AC units would be ideal. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge.) There are many other jobs we could use some help to accomplish. This is a community radio station. Its very nature means it needs lots of involvement from lots of people. It's time that took place.


Here's the current plan: donation checks should clear by Thursday. The air conditioners should arrive the first of next week. We will have to wait 48 hours after their installation to power them up and get the transmitter back on the air. During that time a back up microwave receiver will be put into service so we'll be ready for programming. (We lost a receiver when the AC system failed at the transmitter.)


A very kind donor has provided a used air conditioner for backup use at the transmitter. It lacks the interface we need for regular primary use. It will help us get back on the air sooner and hopefully prevent any further downtime caused by an air conditioner failing. It's going to be quite a relief to know that a backup is in place. I can't emphasize enough the brutal use these units face year-round. Even in January the units must remove excess heat from the transmitter building. They run year-round, all day, all night. A lot of our equipment has the same duty cycle of never being “off.” Fundraising to repair or replace a key piece of equipment isn't something that should be done after a failure. It should be ongoing to provide funding for maintenance and replacements to avoid any such failures. Volunteers?

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